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Selfie looking across the French Lakes near Humphrey's Basin

    "Willie Goat" Decker grew up hiking and mountain biking Mt Tamalpais in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has explored trails, summits and back country areas across California, Colorado, Montana and New Hampshire. His travels have taken him as far as the Great Wall of China, the Swiss Alps and the islands of Fiji. He is part of a multi generational family that has camped and hiked throughout the high Sierra.

    Today, Willie works in Silicon Valley and spends as much time outdoors as possible. The Range of Light is his favorite destination, providing a sense of wonder, peace, clarity and renewal. A bit of spiritual bleach, if you will.

    Willie is married with two kids, one dog and two cats.

    Some names and details have been changed to protect the innocent and for the liberal, if not artful, application of creative license.

    This beautiful elevation map of California from Riverine Maps hangs on the wall at home for inspiration. Pins mark special locations: green for mountains climbed, blue for favorite spots, black for Mt Whitney and few others.

Elevation profile map of California with pins on special locations
The Map

Photo of young Willie Goat Decker atop Matterhorn Peak in California
Young Willie Goat atop Matterhorn Peak

A Note About Safety

    Safety is an important concern in all outdoor activities. No blog can alert you to every hazard or anticipate the limitations of every reader. Therefore, the descriptions of roads, trails, routes and features in this blog are not representations that a particular place or excursion will be safe for your party. When you follow any of the routes described in this blog, you assume responsibility for your own safety. Keeping informed on current conditions and exercising common sense are the keys to a safe, enjoyable outing.

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