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Lake Aloha

Lake Aloha

- Two day backpacking trip to Lake Aloha in Desolation Wilderness with my dog Pepper.

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I had permits for Tamarack Lake during Memorial Day weekend and it looked like the snow and weather was just barely allowing early season access to the High Sierra. I was excited to take Pepper to the back country again and check out Lake Aloha and some surrounding lakes. It looked like we would have cold nights but warm, beautiful days. And this early in the season would mean no bugs!

If you want to check out the route video you can find that here.

We arrived before midnight on Day 1. After parking in the overnight lot near Echo Lake, we hiked under moonlight to our camp by Tamarack Lake. It was a still, starry night and the moon was more than 90% full, casting its silvery light over the landscape and making it easy to hike.


Lake Aloha with Pyramid Peak and the Crystal Range behind

Lake Aloha looking toward Mosquito Pass and beyond

Lake Lucille and Mount Tallac

Snow covered trail

Pepper taking a break by a Juniper

Days 1 & 2 Highlights

  • The birds and animals were just beginning to stir. With little to no wind, there were many quiet moments that were incredibly peaceful.
  • Lake Aloha is breathtakingly beautiful. Pepper and I rested on a rock by the shore and enjoyed the view. I really enjoyed lake hopping and Lake Margery was another picturesque spot.
  • Water was running everywhere - even making waterfalls right on the trail.
  • The night was lovely - not too cold at all.
  • A curious marmot by our camp came half way out of his hole under the pine and stared at me for quite a while. He only retreated when another group of campers arrived.
  • No bugs!


  • Location: Tamarack and Aloha Lakes, Desolation Wilderness via the Echo Lake trailhead.
  • Date: May 2024.
  • Stats: 12 miles with 1,700+ ft elevation gain.
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Beautiful weekend outdoors.
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