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Jennie Lakes Wilderness

View of Jennie Lake in the Jennie Lake Wilderness

Jennie Lakes Wilderness

- Day hike with Pepper up to Jennie Lake and back.

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I was visiting the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park (SEKI) area. Some of the group wanted to explore the national parks and since dogs are not allowed on trail in national parks, I figured I would take Pepper out to day hike in Jennie Lake. Given that we had all day, I figured we could take our time and see if we could make it all the way out to Jennie Lake and back - which we did!


Trail Sign in Jennie Lakes Wilderness
Trail sign

Wildflowers Jennie Lake Wilderness
Wildflowers along the way

Warriors Plume in Jennie Lakes Wildnerness
Warriors Plume in the High Sierra

View of Jennie Lakes Wilderness
Over Poop Out Pass

Jennie Lake
Clear waters of Jennie Lake

Jennie Lake
View of Jennie Lake, the Monarch Divide and beyond


  • Wildflowers were in bloom and birds were everywhere, including the noisy Clark's Nutcracker and woodpeckers.
  • Gorgeous views once over the pass, I think we could see all the way to the Palisades on the Sierra Crest!
  • Very well tread, popular trail up to Jennie Lake. Many group camping sites, one of which was occupied by a group that seemed to be having a blast.
  • It was a very pretty drive through Big Meadow. Easy access to the Forest Road to Fox Meadow, but then the road was a little bumpy. I chickened out, but I bet I could have made it to the parking lot!
  • Pepper loves the trail. She does NOT like boulder hopping when there are gaps of air between the rocks.
  • After the hike, I checked out Montecito Sequoia Lodge (a family favorite) and drove through the KNP Complex fire burn area which was very sad. 


  • Location: Jennie Lake, Jennie Lakes Wilderness via the Fox Meadow trailhead.
  • Date: June 2022.
  • Stats: 13 total mileage with 3,140+ ft elevation gain
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What a hike!
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