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Lassen and Mt Shasta

Lake Helen

Lassen and Mt Shasta

- Favorite area to explore volcanoes, waterfalls, mountains and lakes.


Cinder Cone summit
Cinder Cone Summit, 2018

Cinder Cone crater
Cinder Cone crater, 2018

Sunset on Manzanita Lake
Sunset on Manzanita Lake, 2018

Manzanita Lake
View of Lassen Peak from Manzanita Lake, 2018

Kings Creek Falls
Kings Creek Falls, 2018

Selfie on Lassen Peak
Summit Selfie on Lassen Peak, 2020

Lassen Peak summit
View from Lassen Peak summit, 2020

Lake Helen
Lake Helen, 2020


  • Floating across Lake Helen.
  • Making it to the summit of Lassen Peak and Cinder Cone.
  • Staying at Manzanita Lake campground.
  • Exploring all the geological oddities and volcano types in the park. 


Mossbrae Falls
Mossbrae Falls, 2020

Faery Falls
Faery Falls, 2020

Lower McCloud Falls
Me jumping into lower McCloud Falls, 2020

Middle McCloud Falls
Middle McCloud Falls, 2020

Sledding Hill
Snowman Sledding Hill, 2021

Lake Siskiyou
View of Shasta from Lake Siskiyou, 2021

Heart Lake, Mt Shasta
View of Mt Shasta and Castle Lake from Heart Lake, 2015

Burney Falls
Roaring Burney Falls, between Lassen and Mt Shasta, 2018


  • We love Siskiyou and Castle Lakes with stunning views of Mt Shasta in the background.
  • Maybe the best waterfall chasing around.
  • We often stay at a motel or lodge in Mt Shasta or Dunsmuir. One time we camped at Fowlers in the McCloud area and loved that, too.
  • One year we had a blast snowshoeing and skiing on Mt Shasta.

Our favorite part of California!

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