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Mindego Hill

Willie Goat atop the summit of Mindego Hill

Mindego Hill

- Day hike up to the summit of Mindego Hill.


  • Be prepared to for an initial climb down - which is steep and you will have to climb back up on the way out.
  • Wear comfortable trail shoes (like tennis shoes/ sneakers).
  • Bring lots of water. I bring two liters for myself.
  • Take some time to explore the Audrey C Rust memorial at the trail head parking lot.
  • Be prepared to see some bikers in the first half of the hike - the trails are multi use until you get closer to Mindego Hill itself.
  • You may see cows in the second part of the hike.
  • If there is any way to time it for a clear day (maybe calling some place in Half Moon Bay or scouting up on Skyline) that would be ideal. The summit has a great view of the Pacific.

I had hiked along Russian Ridge and was really drawn to Mindego Hill. The hill stood out as a singular, prominent viewpoint overlooking the Pacific. After doing research on the hike and finding out that a trail to the peak was part of the Open Space I was very excited to check it out!


View of the Pacific near the summit
View from rocks just below summit

Made it to the top of the summit of Mindego Hill

Summit post
Summit post

Wildflowers near the trailhead
Near the trailhead parking lot. Mindego Hill in center.


  • Saw cattle ranchers in action - cowboys on horses rounding up cattle.
  • Perfect weather and great views.
  • Other than the cows, had the trail to myself.
  • A little disappointed there was no access to the lake.


  • Location: Mindego Hill, Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve.
  • Date: February 2022.
  • Stats: 5.5 total mileage with 1,200+ ft elevation gain
Map of route
Route map
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