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Sunol Regional Wilderness

View from Flag Hill in Sunol

Sunol Wilderness

- Several day hikes in the Sunol Wilderness.


  • Bring lots of water! Typically I bring two liters in my Camelbak (or two liters for me and Pepper). I have seen a water jug put out at the trailhead, but I don't think there is drinkable water there in general.
  • Wear comfortable trail shoes (like tennis shoes/ sneakers). Trails are nice but are in varied condition.
  • If you start in the morning, bring layers. It can be chilly and foggy to start and then burn off into very warm sun.
  • There can be many small trails that split off a main trail, so just be careful you are heading the way you want to go and have a good map.
  • Be prepared to see cows. They can be near or on the trail.


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Radiant bush
Radiant bush

Me and Pepper at the summit
Who is a good hiking partner?

View of the wilderness
Sunol Wilderness

Ridgeline view
Ridge by Maguire Peak

Pepper and me in the shade of a California Buckeye
Pepper and me under a chestnut tree

The Ridge by Maguire Peak
Ridgeline view

Maguire Peak
Maguire Peak

Route map of Hike 4
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Lone oak tree among the hills
Old oak on the hill

Pepper and Willie Goat at the W Tree
Me and Pepper at the W Tree

Changing light and cloud cover
Changing light

Pepper heading up the trail
Pepper blazing ahead

Selfie atop small outcropping
Sunol selfie

Hike 3 Highlights

  • Went for a hike into the Ohlone Wilderness (bought a pass good for one year at the entrance gate) towards Goat Rock.
  • Saw Little Yosemite (which was VERY crowded), the W Tree and several red bellied newts.
  • Beautiful wildflowers and only a few cows!

Route map of Hike 3
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Lone tree blossoming in the meadow
Lone tree blossoming in the meadow

View of the summit of Flag Hill
Summit of Flag Hill

View of the hills near Vista Grande
View of the hills by Vista Grande

Vista Grande and the Calaveras Reservoir
Vista Grande and the Calaveras Reservoir

Blossoms near Vista Grande

Lupine flowers among the grassy hills
Lupine in the hills

Summit selfie on Flag Hill
Summit Selfie on Flag Hill

Hike 2 Highlights

  • Steep climb up to the peak of Flag Hill with a broad, spectacular summit.
  • Lush green hills with plenty of wildflowers.
  • Cave rocks along Indian Joe Creek were very cool.
  • So many cows! Stopped by them at one point heading back to the trailhead.

Route map of Hike 2
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Pepper looking back along the trail
Pepper looking back along the trail

Green hills and fog
Green hills and fog

Pepper the best hiking partner
Pepper is a great hiking partner

Off we go down the trail
Off we go

Hike 1 Highlights

  • Long, rolling hike through the hills towards Ohlone Wilderness. Lots of interesting features, hills and views.
  • Very green with off and on showers.
  • Didn't see many people, other than near the trailhead, just a lot of cows.
  • Trails were not well signed.


  • Location: Hike towards Goat Rock and backpacking camp sites, Sunol Regional Wilderness.
  • Date: January 2022.
  • Stats: 8 total mileage with 2,400+ ft elevation gain
  • Why I chose this trip: I had seen that the Ohlone Wilderness trail made its way from Lake Del Valle to Mission Peak and the route was dog friendly. The Sunol trailhead was closer, so I figured I would explore. I had a goal of heading as close to Mt Rose, the highpoint, as possible. Super fun!
Route map of Hike 1
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Glad I went!

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