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Mt Umunhum

Willie Goat at the Mt Umunhum summit

Mt Umunhum

- Day hike up to the cube at the summit of Mt Umunhum.

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I have climbed many peaks in the Bay Area, but this was one I had not. I think it is the last major, named peak in the SF Bay that I hadn't summited, so I have been looking for a chance.


View of the San Francisco Bay, with Mts Tam and Diablo in the far distance
Clear day at the summit

Selfie at the high point marker
High point!

Looking south from the summit
The view south

Tree tunnel along the trail
Tree tunnel

Selfie at the cube
The cube


  • Very clear views throughout - and a lot of shade!
  • Not very crowded and well groomed, not too steep trail.
  • Nice facilities at the parking lot - got lucky and there were a lot of spots.


  • Location: Mt Umunhum, Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve.
  • Date: March 2022.
  • Stats: 7.7 total mileage with 1,100+ ft elevation gain
Route of hike
Route map
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Awesome to finally do it!
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